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Cindy Smith
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*please note while booking your appointment, that this is an initial consult

  1. Extended appointment (55 minutes): $115 (includes Cindy’s CD “Talk to your animals in a language they understand”.)
  2. Standard appointment (45 minutes): $95
  3. Flexible appointment: (30 minutes):  $65. Available to existing clients, with animals I have already met.

**In order to give the maximum amount of time to your animals, please send me the following information at least 24 hours before your appointment: Your animal(s)’ name, age, how long they have been with you, weight, and photo.

*If you live outside of the US and our time differences don’t allow for a phone consultation, an email option is available. Please contact me for more information.

(After setting up an appointment, please call me at 828-686-4564 at your scheduled time.)

I am currently taking Saturday and Sunday off. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Barbara Martin. Her details are below.
Barbara Martin
Animal Communication Plus 

Courtney Moffatt offers email consults.

Preparing for a consultation

Give some thought to the questions you want to ask your animal. The time passes quickly and you want to be sure to cover the most important issues. I like to allow time for your animal to initiate conversation about things we haven’t covered. Tell your animals out loud or silently that we’ll be having a conversation. Please take notes of our conversation. Often, animals speak in metaphors and the deeper meaning can become clear at a later date. Expect to feel a deeper connection with your animal after our conversation.

Lost Animals – See Lost Animals page for more information.

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Cindy Smith
2 Eagle Crest Dr.
Black Mountain, NC 28711

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A Percentage of Your Payment Is Donated to…

I donate a percentage of my profits to the Animal Welfare Institute. This charity gets a five star rating and deals with a lot of legal battles protecting farm animals, animals used in research, marine life and birds, as well as family animals.

I also contribute to several local rescue organizations. Thanks for your support!