Cindy Smith

Animal Communicator


Katherine Bozzi

Helping people with animals that are lost, at the end of life, deceased or have behavioral challenges. Working together via Facetime, Skype, phone, email or in person. My clients are important to me, so I respond to inquiries very promptly. My work is a spiritual practice with the intent to facilitate kindness, respect and compassion for humanity, nature and the animal kingdom.

Located in Nelson, BC, Canada

Courtney Moffatt

Courtney offers readings over the phone, via email or in person. She also does reading parties for small groups who are in Western Pennsylvania. From learning about their past, health and wellness, behavioral or training issues, end of life discussions, grief support, pet medium, and life coach, she has helped hundreds of pets and their owners! Starting June 2019, Courtney will be a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and will offer energy healing, in person or remotely.
Makers of orthopedic braces for dogs

Ortho Dog

Our orthopedic braces, the Hip Hound and the Wrist Wrap, are designed to relieve joint pain in dogs. The braces offer stability and support which helps decrease pain and inflammation when your dog is active.

Walkin Pets

Products, services, and support for elderly, disabled, and handicapped pets.

Mindful Mutz Training & Behavior Consulting, LLC Heather Polechio

Asheville Mindful Mutz Training & Behavior Consulting serves as one of the premier, veterinarian referred resource’s in our community and includes services ranging from puppy programs to Behavior Consultations for complex behavior, anxiety and aggression issues, as well as training packages & daily enrichment sessions for dogs of all shapes & sizes!
Asheville, NC

A Good Dog’s Life

At A Good Dog’s Life people will learn that they may need to modify their own behavior before they expect their dog’s behavior to improve. A strong emphasis on effective, positive, trust-based methods of communicating are taught so that all dog owner may leave as ‘dog trainers’ – confident that their dog is well on his/her way to living a good dog’s life.

Moore Pet Doors

This is a great site for all types of pet doors. You can talk to someone who offers excellent advice on the right door for your animal and your home.
Dr. Kay, DVM

Speaking for Spot

Nancy Kay, DVM has written a must read book about the many medical options we have for our dogs. I would suggest reading it before the medical emergency happens. Nancy Kay’s blog is full of great information.

O’Neal Scott

An important key to your puppy’s socialization development is creating a positive imprint (or to counter-condition a sound fearful dog) to the sounds in our loud and unpredictable world.

Birds Be Safe

Nancy Brennan has developed an ingenious way to give your kitty freedom while keeping the birds safe. It is a brightly colored collar that catches the attention of birds while allowing your kitty to have the enjoyment of the outside world.

Lost Pets of Western NC

A free service covering 16 counties in western NC. Post a lost or found listing with a photo.

Sacred Folk

A Spirit-Friendly Soul-Love Space

Kristin interviewed Cindy – read the article here

Contact Info

Cindy Smith, Animal Communicator
(828) 686-4564
2 Eagle Crest Dr, Black Mountain, NC 28711

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