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*Please Note: Cindy is no longer doing lost animal work. *

I have found that my schedule of regular communication appointments does not allow me to provide the minute to minute needs of a lost animal case. Please use the tips and contacts below if you need help with a lost animal.

Here's What You Can Do


It is important to do your best to calm yourself emotionally.

Your animal is probably tuning into you, trying to send you messages and looking for reassurance.  Try to stay clear and imagine sending encouragement to your animal. Let them know that you are looking for them. If you feel they are lost near your home, imagine you are like a light house sending love and a magnetic pull back home in a 360 degree circle around your home. (I’ve had clients guide their animals home in spite of very difficult circumstances, using this technique).

Click here for ways to increase the chances of having your animal returned to you in the case that they are lost.

The moment you realize your animal is lost, take action quickly to increase your chances of getting them back.

  1. Get flyers up and go to your local shelter and animal control as well as local vet offices to see if your animal is there. Go more than once. Your pet could be brought to a shelter hours after you have checked that shelter.
  2. Put the word REWARD in large letters at the top of the flyer. People tend to look away from a poster that announces Lost Dog or Cat because it makes them sad. The ‘reward’ label catches their attention and they are more likely to read it to get your animal’s description.
  3. Talk to everyone as you make the rounds with your flyers (including children in and around your neighborhood). Give the flyers to postal carriers, UPS and Fed X drivers. Post flyers at local grocery stores and other central locations in your area.
  4. Place an ad in the local newspaper.
  5. Keep searching and take a flashlight with you to look into darker areas.  Look under debris piles, in and around sheds, under vehicles, etc. The flashlight will reflect the eyes of animals who may be hiding and too frightened to come out when called.

Goldy from Chennai, India says....

After searching for my cat everywhere, I sat down after 3 days to search for a solution on the internet. I found the lighthouse technique of sending love 360 degrees with a magnetic pull on your website and tried it immediately. My cat Winnie, who was missing for 3 1/2 days came home after 20 minutes. Thank you so much! God bless!

Additional Resources from the Web

  • Lost Pets of Western North Carolina

    An 18 county free listing of missing pets

  • Pet Amber Alert

    A 32 page manual on how to recover lost and stolen pets. Learn how National Pet Recovery finds missing pets.

  • Missing Animal Response Network

    Offers very important information regarding the behaviors of lost cats and dogs so you know what to expect and how to best search for them.

  • Missing Pet Network

    Register your missing pet here (an on-line forum)

  • Fido Finder

    A registry for dogs in the event they go missing in the future, and also a directory of dogs that have been lost, so people who find a dog can look on the site to see if they can find its owner.

  • 911 Parrot Alert

    This network is run and maintained by volunteer members all around the world. Their primary objective is to gather and exchange information on missing and found parrots.

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Please Remember!

Animal communication is never a substitute for regular vet care.

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My audio book is now available. It's called "Talk to Your Animals in a Language They Understand". This is the most basic and simple part of  animal communication, and if practiced, can resolve lots of problems before they even occur.

My Experience with Cindy

Kristie B and Tristan


The first time I was on the phone with Cindy on the east coast, she knew that Tristan, whom I was standing next to in his stall here in California, had just silently touched a new toy in his stall and "wanted me to know he was grateful and loved it." My hair stood on end and I was an instant believer.

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