Cindy Smith

Animal Communicator


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    Introducing Your New Cat to Your Household

    Bringing a new cat into a home with other animals can be stressful for everyone. But if you take a few precautions and do it gently, it can be a much easier process.

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    Tagging, Microchipping and Tattooing Your Pet

    Tips for how to increase the chance of having your animal returned to you in the case that they are lost.

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    Discipline vs. Direction

    Rewording one of Ceasar Milan’s basics

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    Hot Pavement – Hot Cars – and Your Dog

    Some summertime  tips to keep your dogs safe and comfortable.

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    Hints from Your Cats

    When people come to me with cat issues, we have a three way conversation with their kitties and come up with solutions to their situations.

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    The Overuse of Crates

    Important guidelines for when and how to use crates.

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    Common Requests from Horses

    The top things your horse wants you to know.

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    Requests from Your Dogs

    The top things your dogs want you to know.

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    Winter Suggestions for Your Pet

    Don’t let your pets get lost in the shuffle when you have house guests. And more.

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    Additional Reading

    Want to learn more about animal communication and the people who do it?

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Animal communication is never a substitute for regular vet care.

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My audio book is now available. It's called "Talk to Your Animals in a Language They Understand". This is the most basic and simple part of  animal communication, and if practiced, can resolve lots of problems before they even occur.

My Experience with Cindy

Kristie B and Tristan


The first time I was on the phone with Cindy on the east coast, she knew that Tristan, whom I was standing next to in his stall here in California, had just silently touched a new toy in his stall and "wanted me to know he was grateful and loved it." My hair stood on end and I was an instant believer.

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Cindy Smith, Animal Communicator
(828) 686-4564
2 Eagle Crest Dr, Black Mountain, NC 28711

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