Want to learn more about animal communication and the people who do it? Here are some books I recommend. Click the links to see where they can be purchased.

Learning Their Language, Marta Williams 2003
This is an excellent practical guide to animal communication.  Marta is a biologist and her book is full of facts.  She has exercises that will convince you of accuracy of the information you are receiving.
The Language of Animals, 7 Steps to Communicating With Animals, Carol Gurney, 2001.  
This is a wonderful, easy read. Carol emphasizes that we can all do this!
Kinship With All Life, J. Allen Boone, 1954.
Boone was way ahead of his time. He talks to dogs, ants, and Freddie the Fly.  A must read!
Communication with Animals, The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals, Arthur Meyers, 1999.  
Meyers is a journalist who explores the field of animal communication.  He interviews many communicators and gives a taste of the variety of approaches to communication.
Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals, Rupert Sheldrake, 1999.  
Sheldrake, a PhD physicist, proves through scientific experiments that dogs do communicate telepathically.  He also experiments with animals finding their way home after being released in unknown locations.  Don’t worry! The dogs are wearing radio collars and are being tracked for safety throughout the experiment.
Horses Never Lie, The heart of Passive Leadership, Mark Rashid, 2000.  
One of the first “horse whisperers”, he teaches compassion in working with horses.
Straight for the Horse’s Mouth, Amelia Kinkade, 2001.
Full of heartwarming anecdotes and practical guidance in communication.
Practical Intuition, Laura Day, 1997.  
An intuitive who has worked with people, Day provides a step by step process to increase your intuitive powers