Here are the most common requests from the many horses that I’ve talked to.

  • The number one request from all horses that I talk to is being out in the pasture with other horses, acting like a horse. If that is at all possible in your life, it’s a great thing to offer your horse.
  • Many people ask me to ask their horses how the bit feels. Often the answer I get is they hate the bit. Even the most gentle ones are bothersome. Many horses suggest verbal cues instead of physical cues. Since the verbal cues create mental images that your horse can read, it’s often effective to think about the move you want them to make and use a very gentle physical suggestion to get their attention. Many of my clients report success with verbal cues and bitless bridles. Horses often say that their person transmits tension through the reins and through their (person’s) legs. I have found that it’s very helpful for the rider to take a full deep breath and send that grounding energy all the way down through their legs and through the horses legs into the earth.
  • Many horses request seeing the arena before entering it. That request often comes from barrel racers and jumpers. Most horses would like specific compliments on jobs well done. Most horses are very susceptible to their person’s frustration or irritation if their performance is not perfect. Many times horses have asked me “why?” “ Why are we doing this show?” I usually explain that this is a game that people play. The people get to show off their beautiful animals and their horse’s athletic ability.