Tips for How to Increase the chance of having your animal returned to you in the case that they are lost

  • Register and Tag Your Pet

Having identification tags on your pet’s collar gives you the highest probability that your lost pet will be returned to you. You can put a tag with the animal’s name and your phone number. You can also register your pet through The Pet Protector System at Help for Pets and receive special tags to put on their collars.

  • Microchip Your Pets

This is a good backup to use with the collar tags. Note that not all microchips (made by different companies) can be read by all scanners. You might read a bit about the different types of scanners and chips before deciding who to have it done by.  Check out the information on Wikipedia or Home Again.

Contact them at 1-800-TAT-TOOS for a tattoo practitioner in your area.