For many of us, our animals are our link to Nature. Whether running across a field on our horse or coming home from work in the city and being greeted by our kitty; we all are connected to the natural world through our animals. As we grow in awareness, animals are being recognized as valuable contributors to the planet and to our well being. Once you tune into them, you see how healing our animal friends are to all of us. More and more people are taking this awareness to another level and honoring their animal friends by considering what they have to say.

There are many ways to use a communication session.

Behavioral issues can be addressed and misunderstandings cleared up. You can check on health issues. While I am not a vet, and do not diagnose, often I pick up symptoms and refer the people to the vet. Vet confirmation of my readings has built my confidence in the information that I receive.

  • You can talk to your animals and explain an upcoming vacation or trip to the kennel or vet.
  • Giving animals in the house a “heads up” on a new member of the family eases the transition tremendously.
  • Including your animal in the decision about medical treatment and the right time to die can make that process easier.
  • Some people find peace of mind talking to their beloved friends after they have died.
  • In general, telepathic communication increases the bond between you and your animal.

Lost Animals

The moment you realize your animal is lost, take action quickly to increase your chances of getting them back. Get flyers up and go to your local shelter to see if your animal is there.  Read more…