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Holidays and Your Pets

If you are having a party, take into consideration your animal’s temperament. Do they want to join the party, even for a short time? If so, set them up for success by directing them in the behavior you want and not the behavior you don’t want. Another animal might prefer a quiet corner of the house to ride out the noise of the party. Be especially cautious if you have “inside only” cats. There’s nothing worse than a guest inadvertently letting one of these kitties out!

Are you having company coming to visit? Be aware of displacing your animals by putting someone in the “Guest room” that might ordinarily serve as a quiet room for a shy cat. Give that kitty another option while the people are there. My cat, Max showed me that he felt someone was sitting in his chair by circling the chair until I got the message. His solution was for me to put his favorite pillow on the floor next to “his” chair. It’s all about compromising!

Basically, it’s all about treating your animals like valued members of the family and not letting them get lost in the shuffle when the holidays are upon us.

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Leaving for the Holidays?

Imagine what it's like for your dog when the family begins to prepare for a holiday trip. There's a lot of excitement, people are gathering their things, packing bags, and making plans. He's watching the people's thoughts wondering where he fits in. In the days before the trip his people are distracted by pre-trip organization and he begins to feel uncertain. He falls through the cracks for attention from his people. Then the day of the trip, he's scooped up, put in the car and dropped at the kennel. He has no idea when his family will be back to get him. Or, his family packs and leaves him all alone at home. He doesn't know when they will return and may think they have forgotten him. This is unnecessary stress for our animals.

This can be avoided by just taking a few moments to explain what your plan for them is. Sit quietly with them and trust that they are listening to you. You can speak out loud or silently. It's good to give them a little advance notice. Maybe you have the conversation when you begin the packing process. Tell them how many nights you'll be gone. Tell them who will be caring for them while you are gone. Then, as the departure time approaches, just remind them that they will be safe and cared for and that you'll be back home in ___ nights. It just takes a few moments and removes so much stress for your animals!

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Success Stories

Deranda McDade with Mr. Cassandra and Bella from Portland, Oregon says...

Thanks to Cindy for the unbelievable results achieved from talking with my dog, Bella. Bella was agressive and barked and lunged excessively at all other dogs. It had gotten to the point that I was uncomfortable and afraid to even take her on walks. I had worked extensively with Bella with a couple of dog trainers. Though we had tried de-sensitization and counter-conditioning, she definitely still had a problem that was not improving and, in fact, getting worse. It is truly a miracle to me the change in her behavior after one session with Cindy. She changed immediately. We had agreed upon the key word, of "neighbor" to let her know that this person or animal would mean no harm and not to react to it. She is totally calm now when we are out walking and we have had "neighbor" cats, dogs, squirrels, children on bikes, etc. go by right in front of us and Bella remains calm!! I truly feel that this difference has saved my dog from a life of fear and frsutration and an increasingly smaller world.

I am now referring all of my lost animal calls to Kathleen McIntyre at or 828-216-5030. You can link to her site from my site in the links section. Kathleen combines animal communication with map dowsing to help you and your animal reunite. She specializes exclusively in lost animals and is excellent! Once you realize your animal is lost, take action quickly to increase your chances of getting them back. Please keep your dogís collar with identification on at all times!

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