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Moving Safely with Your Animals

Moving from one home to another can be stressful even if you know what's going on. Imagine how stressful it can be for family animals. They sense the mixed emotions experienced by their people as the move approaches. They watch as their belongings are packed. Sometimes strange people come into their home and take away all the belongings. Meanwhile, their people are distracted by all the things that go with moving. Animals react differently to these circumstances. Some run away, some act out to get attention, others just internalize the tension. You can make this experience much easier for all of you by just letting your animals know what's going on. Before the changes start happening, sit quietly with your animals and have a conversation. You can do this silently or out loud. Tell them your plans. Try to answer all possible questions: Why? When? Where? Who is moving? (EX: We're going to be moving to a new home in a month. You'll be going with us and we think you'll like this new place. Before we move, we'll be packing things to take to our new home. We'll pack your things to be sure they get to the new place. You will be going with us.)

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Be sure to use language that creates the mental image you want your animal to see. Say, "I will take you with me!" instead of "I won't leave you". Your animal reads the images your words produce and the image that goes with a negative (don't , won't) is connected to the image you want to avoid. Recognize that they are tuned into your emotions. When the packing actually starts, reassure them and remind them that they will be moving with you. If you sense someone is anxious before the move or doesn't adjust to the move they may have some unanswered questions. That might be a good time to get an animal communicator involved.



I am now referring all of my lost animal calls to Kathleen McIntyre at or 828-216-5030. You can link to her site from my site in the links section. Kathleen combines animal communication with map dowsing to help you and your animal reunite. She specializes exclusively in lost animals and is excellent! Once you realize your animal is lost, take action quickly to increase your chances of getting them back. Please keep your dogs collar with identification on at all times!

Safety Tips for Moving with Animals

Be sure everyone has ID with a number where you can be reached during this transition. Be vigilant at rest areas. I often talk to lost or stray animals who were frightened at a rest stop and ran off. They had no sense of where they were or how to get back to their family. It's a good idea to put your kitties in a spare room on moving day. Put a sign on the door to warn people. Do not let movers or friends go in that room . Let your kitties relax there until time to load them in the carriers and into your car. When you arrive at their new home, be sure to keep them inside (even if they are inside/outside kitties) for 10days - 2 weeks to assure that they know where they live. Don't use moving time as an opportunity to get rid of old toys or beds. This is a time to keep things that are familiar around your animals. You can make those changes 6 months down the road when your house smells familiar to them. Feliway, a cat cheek pheromone, can be helpful for your cats. It's the pheromone that cats leave when they rub their cheeks on something. It's a calming scent and can be found at some pet stores and your veterinarian's. Just a little goes a long way and can change the atmosphere of your new home.

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