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Gentle Weaning

Iíve often wondered why the weaning process has to be so traumatic for the horses and many of their people. It seems so unnecessary to just suddenly, without warning rip a mom and baby apart.

Is there another way? Several of my clients have found other ways and I offer their solutions for your consideration.

Meg Jones and I had a conversation with her mare, Savvy, when it was time to wean Tyler. Savvy said, ďHeís not ready yet, give us another couple weeks." Meg agreed and let them stay together. Later, we checked with Tyler and Savvy to tell them the change was coming soon. Tyler said ďBut I like to stand next to her; who will I stand next to at night?Ē So for the first few nights Savvy and Tyler were separated by a fence during the day, still in sight of each other and in the same stall at night. After a few days they made the transition to spending the nights apart. Fortunately, Tyler found a filly he really loved and got to ďstand close toĒ her at night. It took a little longer to make this transition, but neither horse nor Meg were unduly traumatized.

Robin and Bubba Cheek have a method that works well for them. They simply separate their moms and babies by a soft fence. The mares can stand and nurse their babes and then move away in their own pasture. They handle the timing of the weaning themselves and nobody is upset. What a natural way to do this!

Beth Jandl also has great suggestions. ďIf horses are in larger groups more like a true herd and have the opportunity to bond with other horses, I find they transition better. They can get a lot of support from their peers. I find weaning much more traumatic when it is a single foal and not raised with a group. They are much more dependent on their mothers and do not have an extended social structure. I try to remedy this by turning the mare and the foal out with other horses. This way he can make attachments and learn social rules. You can start out with a short time and extend it gradually. Sometimes you can get to a place where you can take the mare out and the foal wonít even notice. It is sad that often horses don't experience herd behavior by being turned out with other horses.

Cate tells about Windy Hills Alpacas in Somis,CA. ďHereís a weaning trick I learned from people in the alpaca community. Alpacas are terrific moms and nobody wants a $60,000 mama doing herself harm to be near her $40,000 weanling. So, they put the mama in an enclosure that is adjoining her weanlingís enclosure. The fence is high but not so high that the mama and baby canít touch each other. The weanling is in an enclosure with other weanlings, so there are ďkids their own ageĒ to play with. Mom is in with other moms who have weanlings in the adjoining area. The trick is in everyone having other interests. If they have nothing but separation to focus on, thereís bound to be trauma.

I regularly talk to horses who have been unnecessarily traumatized for the convenience of their people. Sometimes a heads up about what is coming is all they need. Just talk to them like they understand you and let them know what to expect. It canít hurt!

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Lost Animals

Most of you know how I have struggled with the dilemma of lost animals. It is heart breaking to deal with. The animals are in distress as are their people. I keep the sweet animals in my heart while they are missing and that has taken its toll on me. Because of that, I decided not to do lost animals and referred them to Kathleen and other communicators. Now, Kathleen and several others have decided that they canít work with lost animals anymore. Iím in the process of looking for others who I feel are good at this difficult work. This creates a tough situation for me. How can I not help? How can I help without burning out? I realize that there is a way that I can help and have had good success with in the past. I can help the animals strategize on how to get to safety (and hopefully home). Iíve decided that I will offer this as my service for the lost animals. I will call them and give them your messages. Iíll tell them you love them, and are looking for them. I'll warn them to watch out for traffic, and suggest they find a friendly person who can get your phone number from their collar and they can call you to come get them.

So, if your animal is lost, I will need a description; including age, approximate weight and gender. I need the basic facts and what you want me to tell your lost pet. For example, if you suspect they are lost in the woods, do you want me to tell them to go down stream? Or maybe they should listen for traffic noises and follow them to where there are people? For a dog lost in the city, itís much more about safety and how to locate help. You would need to assess the surroundings and give me that information. Iíll deliver the messages, give your animal a pep talk about finding help and Iíll invite their spiritual support (guides, angels) to help them.

The fee for this will be $25 and you can pay by using the paypal button on the Consultation and Fees page of my web site. This is a one time communication. If you want me to deliver follow up messages, for example if your dog has been sighted and you want me to tell them to wait there, Iíll do that and again it is $25. The quickest way to reach me for this is to email me with a subject line of Lost Animal. I check my email frequently and will get back to you as soon as possible. Please remember, I am closed on Sunday and Monday.

Once you realize your animal is lost, take action quickly to increase your chances of getting them back. Get flyers up and go to your local shelter to see if your animal is there. Please keep your dog’s collar with identification on at all times!

** If you have worked with a communicator that has helped you find lost animals, please tell me so I might be able to refer people to them.**

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